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PREMIERE: Thom Lion Saves His Animal Kingdom Mates In “November” Video


If you’ve ever wanted to combine high tension escapes, animal magnetism, and wanted criminals into a short, five- format, look no further! These action packed tropes are given a melancholic spin in Adelaide singer-songwriter Thom Lion’s music video for his beautiful track November. AAA Backstage managed to get our hands on the video a day before its release, which we are proudly premiering.

The video begins with Lion dressed as his eponymous feline, having seemingly escaped from a zoo, or some kind of animal enclosure. He is on lamb, trying to find his fellow escapees, while being hunted down by very sterile looking staff. Throughout the clip Lion meets up with a number of other animals, but each is captured and returned to the original lock up, leaving poor Lion to make a tough choice: stay on the run, or return to help his friends?

We won’t spoil the rest for you, but this beautifully melancholic clip blends so perfectly with the track that at times it seems like the song was written to soundtrack the video, and not the other way around. The track is heavy on dark and heavy piano chords, subtle and smooth backing vocal harmonies beautifully accompany Lion’s mournful lead vocal line. Reminiscent of a darker Snow Patrol, or Birds of Tokyo without the uplifting hook, the beautiful craftsmanship sells the emotion behind the production.

The track came as a response to a loss in Lion’s family and how that effected his psyche. “Whenever there is flux going on in my life I get these full on night terrors, and I was having them frequently during this time. They are actually quite funny because I’ll be sitting upright asleep thinking crazy things like “people are breaking into the house” or that I can see really big spiders, until something breaks the dream. So there’s a bit of that kind of trippy stuff in the song too,” said Lion.

Lion’s latest EP ‘Sleep Riots’ dropped earlier this year, and is full of tracks that reflect the stories and emotions flowing from his life. Check out the video for November below!

Written by Max Higgins