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Premiere: Tokyo Art Museum Unveils New Single, ‘Hold On’

Presenting his newest single, Hold On, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Josh Lloyd, the creative force behind Tokyo Art Museum, invites us on a transformative musical journey. Today we have the joy of bringing you the very first spin of the new jam.

Unveiling a profound glimpse into the depths of personal loss and grief, ‘Hold On’ emerges as a deeply heartfelt composition. Drawing inspiration from his own poignant experiences, Josh intricately navigates the emotional terrain of this song, delving into the resilience and fortitude needed to confront the anguish of untimely farewells. With soul-stirring authenticity, ‘Hold On’ invites listeners to embark on a cathartic journey of healing, evoking empathy and providing solace through its poignant melodies and introspective lyrics.

This song was written about a time in my life when I lost someone very close to me, long before their time. The song touches on the journey through grief and how at times it can be like running a marathon, lonely and exhausting but it doesn’t last forever, there is hope in holding on.”  – Tokyo Art Museum.

Under the careful guidance of co-producer and mixing wizard Lach Holmes, and skillfully mastered by the esteemed engineer George Georgiadis, the essence of the song shines through in its pristine sound quality.

“I tracked everything at my home studio and bounced a few ideas off Lach (Mixing Engineer and Co Producer) and after changing the key about 3 times, we finally landed on a version I was stoked on!” –  Tokyo Art Museum.

Tokyo Art Museum continues to turn heads with each release that comes our way and Hold On carries on with that theme. It’s available tomorrow but you can listen right here today!