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PREMIERE: Twinfolds’ Idiosyncratic ’80s Dance-Rock Is Enthralling On ‘Red Light’

Twinfolds just wanna have fun and nobody’s stopping them. Slowly, but very surely, the Brisbane four-piece have built a modest and impressionistic reputation in their city. Red Light is their latest and pushes Twinfolds into new and austere realms of sound. AAA Backstage has the exclusive first spin of the track before its released.

Red Light is the first piece of material we’ve heard from Twinfolds since their 2017 EP, ‘No Feeling Is Final’. The new track spurs an alternating shift in sonics and dynamics for the group—a focus squarely on danceable ’80s-inspired indie-rock. Rather than sticking to nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake, Twinfolds’ forward-thinking pastiche and attention to structure and sequencing is incredible.

Twinfolds’ energy on display is enthralling. It’s a widescreen, introspective view on great indie-rock built for all ages. For some, Red Light may be people’s first glimpse of Twinfolds. Thankfully, the group leave a strong, lasting impression thanks to their booming, catchy chorus. From the get-go, an arpeggiated synth line beats to the drum of Twinfolds’ unique rhythm. It’s the harmonious chorus which solidifies the grasp on the audience.

Twinfolds are launching Red Light on this May in Brisbane alongside their dear friends, Dopamine and Big Dinner. Dance like it’s 1989! Exclusively stream Red Light below.

Twinfolds Live Dates

38 Berwick St, Brisbane

Written by Jake Wilton