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PREMIERE: Warplane Gestate Their Own Compounding Musical Ideas On ‘Drift’

Introducing Warplane. A monochromatic new act from Melbourne distilling unsettling and cathartic musicianship into a singular entity. On their debut single, the three piece surrender their egos to the flow of their noises and textures. AAA Backstage has the honour of premiering Drift.

Warplane give you one warning: this is not pop music. Their dichotomy for geometrical symbolism in their music is hypnotic. In the six minutes of Drift, they allow each idea to gestate—sit with the listener for enough time to feel uncertain or uncomfortable about the sonics they’re hearing. According to Warplane, you can’t feel the true emotion of music without feeling its purposeful dread first.

Though it seems the band could break focus at any moment, listen deeper and you’ll hear the immense control between its three members. They have such power over their own music ecosystem. The dense and harrowing guitar plods along with the whirring sting of the synthesiser peeking its nasty head in every once in a while. Describing Drift as hypnotic would be taking the easy route. The synchronicity of building moods, weaving textures and undefined structures shows the mastery of their patient approach.

Every granule of sound emanating from Warplane is carefully crafted and the song’s progression is almost solely a product of these delicate variations. Not matter how far they stretch their compounding ideas, Drift always circles back to the complacent drum patterns of its doom-laden origins. The pendulum swings aggressively back-and-forth on Drift. The song forms its own pulse—purposefully slowing down to match the dropping of your own.

Warplane are launching Drift after this month in Melbourne. They’ll be joined by Gena Rose Bruce and Ballads. Stream Drift below.

Warplane Live Dates

The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne

Written by Jake Wilton