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Premiere: Yawdoesitall Kicks Into 2021 With A Snapping New Single, ‘Test Drive’ feat. Tawanda

This Friday Sydney rapper, Yawdoesitall is set to release his brand new single, Test Drive. We are blessed today be able to give you the very first listen of the bopping tune.

Test Drive features the added vocals of fellow Sydney lyricist Tawanda. The tracks beats were provided by producer Miinor and sees both Yaw and Tawanda flow naturally, an ideal arrangement. The pair traded off ideas for the tune and finally laid it down at New Age Studio. It touches on their original perceptions of success and what the eventual realities can be.

“This is a fun song we made right before my solo show at Oxford {Art Factory] in 2020. Contrary to popular belief, we felt being a rapper came with a demand to have it all and own all the coolest stuff. With ‘Test Drive’, we say “Pull up with a Chevy/And it not mine”, as we debunk these flashy expectations by actually stating the struggle of being cool, but having to borrow or rent some of the stuff we use. A mockery, but also a fun way to go back and forth with Tawanda, verse by verse. This is such a different track for me and validates my ability to jump on every record and still keep it Yaw.” Yawdoesitall

Test Drive is one of those smoother hip hop tunes that is perfect for the summer ride. It’s set for release Friday 15th Jan but you can listen to it exclusively right here today!

Written by John Zebra