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Premiere: Yoskos In The Cosmos Reveals His New Single, ‘Lost In My Mess’

Sydney producer Yoskos In The Cosmos will reveal his new single, Lost In My Mess, this week, and today, we have the joy of bringing you the very first spin of the classy, unique number.

Mashing up various genres, from indie rock and smooth funk to classic indie dance vibes, Lost In My Mess is a dynamic track that oozes a sophisticated style unique to Yoskos In The Cosmos’ delivery. A track that is sure to be on repeat in Hank Moody’s run-down Porsche as he drives around Venice Beach on a late-night party run, this track is catchy as hell.

“Lost In My Mess is a fantasy song drawing from one of the trashiest and chaotic times in my life. It’s a song that seems to exude bravado and swagger but between the lines betrays a struggle and longing for companionship. 

I wrote it at a time when I was getting swept up in the whirlwind of rock and roll, working as a sound guy at one of Sydney’s greatest and grungiest music clubs. In this song, the character I play is flamboyant, sexually charged and self assured. Enticing my love interest to join me in a world of decadence and short lived pleasures. 

But in reality I was insecure, feeling trapped in my unhealthy lifestyle and uncomfortable with who I was. Lonely and yearning for escape. And wanting someone to join me in that escape. The final line of the chorus, “come get lost in my mess” undermines all the alluring sexiness that is promised before. 

The nauseating grunge riff that follows represents an awareness that maybe relief from reality (a cigarette when you’re high) isn’t the most attractive offering. The devil on the shoulder telling them to “give your soul a rest” is perhaps quite toxic. Though the lyrics are no more self-aware than just that one word, “mess” The spirit of the song celebrates the chaos. It’s disco. Honouring the fantasy. 

The lyrics were mostly all subconscious and it’s possible I cherry picked them from an improvised performance. Ultimately for me, It was a song of catharsis, an outlet for some challenging emotions. The original version was just a mystical music loop with a beat. I would get drunk in my studio, play it for 10 minutes while singing over it, listen back and repeat. To me, that kind of free self expression is the highest I ever feel.” – Yoskos In The Cosmos.

A psychedelic disco jam that is a perfect hot summer night anthem, Yoskos In The Cosmos highlights his talents and brings out his best on this one. Lost In My Mess is available tomorrow, but you can listen to it exclusively here today!

Written by Chris Lamaro