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PREMIERE: Feel Zorsy’s Motley Groove & Jazz Energy On ‘Insoulate’


The swaggering, cool hand of Zorsy appears progressive and succinct on the Sydney music maker’s new jam, Insoulate. AAA Backstage is pleased to offer the exclusive premiere before its release.

His motley groove and energy on Insoulate are at fever pitch. The near seven-minute opus maligns the typical jazz structure more times than often—taking a page out of Kamaal Williams’ or Kamasi Washington’s book. The strict backdrop of jazz still bumbles through Insoulate, though it’s the minute details which make this track epic.

Zorsy is a master arranger. The way he contorts the instruments around him is exemplary. He builds his own universe of misshaped keys, trumpets, guitar and drums. He’s still a couple of degrees away from evoking a newly formed spirit in the genre, though he’s on the right path. Not to mention that Flying Lotus-like bass snap around the four-minute mark.

The single pulls from Zorsy’s many late nights walking the streets of Tokyo. Jazz bars populate the city, so Zorsy felt right at home. The warm brush of inspiration filtered through his blood, as he began to engineer this track in his head.

Insoulate is a soulful ballad with a groovy middle section that ties both the heart and soul of the instrument. It’s one of the pieces that I can allow myself to sit back and let the rest of the band carry through to give space and make way for the melody to sing. It carries a more intimate vibe than my previous releases as well as other tracks that I have been known for,” said Zorsy.

Stream Insoulate below.

Written by Jake Wilton