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Press Play On The Tracks Of The Day

KLLO with Bolide


After waiting in the wings powerhouse Melbourne duo Kllo have re-emerged with their electronic track Bolide. This single is the first cab off the rank from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Well Worn’.

Glitchy electronics (channelled from UK underground dance music) and high-gloss hooks propel this track. After a staticky start, Chloe Kaul’s stellar vocals lend cohesiveness to the scattered track. Both catchy and hypnotising, it is a beautiful union of Australian and European electro-pop.

The country is scrambling to get their hands on Bolide, with it currently on more than one million plays on Spotify within days of its release. The masses have spoken, go press play! You can also catch Kllo in their upcoming tour.

DΛWNS with Cool


Entering from stage left, all the way from New York City, we have DΛWNS with their debut single Cool. It’s the perfect show opener and an insightful commentary on today’s generation’s “endless pursuit of relevance”.

An unusual fusion of post-rock and R&B, this song was sewn together from a wide range of musical inspirations, it even features a cow bell! Becoming relevant and “cool”, particularly as an emerging band, is the ultimate goal. This social commentary in the lyrics is particularly interesting, as these insights are coming from within the music scene, so listen carefully!

The “frenetic energy” and perceptive commentary of this track is a fantastic launching pad for DΛWNS. Be sure to keep them in mind – their EP is expected in the near future!


Crystal Cities

Sydney trio Crystal Cities have released Tell Me Now, the third single from their highly anticipated debut EP, due to be released later this year. This indie-rock tune complements their more demure singles Talking To Myself and Cut Me Loose, but also showcases a new side of the band.

We’ve all had that person who is a question mark. So rather than standing frozen in confusion, Crystal Cities is demanding an answer, “tell me now.” The track has moments of deja vu, leading us back to The 1975 (circa. 2013). Pondering and light vocals are chased with intense moments of fervent energy, sort of like the before and after effects of a caffeine hit.

So sway your way through the verses and jump excessively through the chorus. There’s a part in this raucously good track for everyone!