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Pretty Thrills Are Back With A New Single ‘Sober’

Sydney rockers Pretty Thrills are back with huge new single Sober. It’s full of raw power guitar riffs, massive pounding drums and big synth lines. It’s the first we’ve heard from them since their massive debut single Flames.

At first push of the play button you’re hinted with soft spacious guitar but the track quickly evolves into a high powered huge core type anthem. The new tune is mixed superbly and when listening with headphones you just want to scream along with lead vocalist Max Donnellan.

These elements all tie into expressing the lyrical meaning of the song Max explains the message behind ‘Sober’.

‘Sober’ is a song about the toxic breakdown of a relationship and how sometimes it’s easier to hold onto what was broken instead of letting it go. It’s about two people who shouldn’t be together but love each other and how true feelings come out when they’ve been drinking but in the morning it’s as if it never happened.”

In the final minute, a huge overdriven guitar melody is played stacked with electronic tones that build towards a massive close of synchronised hits, double kick drums and assertive lyric deliveries.

After two whopping releases we think it’s time for a full feature album or EP at least and we hear from Pretty Thrills that it’s just around the corner so sit tight.


Written by John Zebra