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Pridelands Drop Vicious New Single ‘Coalesce’ & Tranquil Video

Pridelands Promo shot

Victorian hardcore lads Pridelands have released a brutal new single Coalesce, that’s hella-technical and hits harder than Ali himself. Alongside the single, the 4-piece have given us a vibrant music video that’s unique and is very easy on the eyes…

Pridelands have really developed a refined their sound to cement themselves in Melbourne’s local heavy scene. They’ve been turning plenty of heads recently, supporting some of Australia’s best heavy hitters including Saviour, Storm The Sky, and Hellions.

The intro of Coalesce draws you in with the alluring tone of bassist and clean vocalist Joshua Cory, before the band drop in with crushing double kicks and powerful riffs. There’s some clever use of stop/starts throughout the track, highlighting the band’s great use of textural dynamics.

Unclean vocalist Mason Bunt style is polished and effective in Coalesce, and his mixture of various types of screaming is the nucleus of this atom bomb. There’s a lot of hardcore bands that are using the unclean verse/clean chorus formula and have no musical oomph, but Pridelands dual vocalists in Cory and Bunt pack plenty of power and energy.

The music video for Coalesce is well-directed, with plenty of lively colour and even a bit of skin (hehe). It follows a naked woman traversing through a luscious forest, and to contrast a hooded figure exploring a derelict, urban setting. Of course, it wouldn’t be a hardcore music video without the band playing in an abandoned warehouse…

Check out the killer video for Coalesce below!