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Florence Welch Surprises Teen With Hospital Room Concert


Florence Welch, who science has proven to be a mixture of celestial angel dust and the work of benevolent pagan goddesses, has proven once again that she is the Princess of the Universe. After a teenage hospice patient couldn’t make it to her Austin concert due to illness, Florence brought the concert to her hospital room.

Accompanied by guitarist Robert Ackroyd, Welch gave a performance in her signature awe inspiring style. The room was filled with family and friends of the teen, who also happen to be very proficient singers and doubled as the backing choir. The videos posted feature two of Florence + the Machine’s most uplifting songs, Shake It Out and Dog Days Are Over. We’re not crying, there’s just something in our eye okay…

Seriously, there were many moments in the video that will make any cynic see some light in the world. From Welch and the young teen singing in a wonderful harmony, to the angelic choir provided by the people in the room, and Welch’s enthusiastic thumbs up when everyone hits their notes. There is also a great moment courtesy of the small boy who attempts to discreetly nab a cookie from the other side of the room mid performance. It was not at all discreet. However, it is amazing.

Watching this video makes you seriously consider the possibility that Florence Welch is actually the choral conductor from music heaven that fell to earth to save us from all of the world’s sadness and terror. If the video wasn’t enough to make you all misty eyed, then have a read of the statement from one of the hospital nurses.

Excerpt From Hospice Austin’s Christopher House Nurse Practitioner Christie Kremer:

“…We have a patient who held long cherished tickets to see Florence and The Machine last night with her BFF. All week through set back after set back she asked if she would be able to go. We tried to entertain the idea and it felt so scary and overwhelming for the medical staff and her mother that finally I said no, and my heart broke again.

And then, through a remarkable team effort on the part of Christopher House and Hospice Austin Staff, we were able to make contact with Florence. My patient’s mom was so nervous- will she really come? Is she here yet? She kept popping out of the room and checking. And Florence came. And her mom burst into tears of joy at the sight of her and Florence gave her a big hug.

Florence walked around the corner to the patient’s room — stuffed to the gills with teen friends — and there were shrieks and squeals and so much joyous music and singing and tears and tears and tears of grief and joy and hope and love and utter devastation and somehow simple kindness made everything better. Many thanks to my wonderful colleagues who made this happen and to Florence + The Machine for giving an amazing gift of kindness.”

Isn’t it nice when the world is nice?