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PUP Drop Sad Video For “Sleep In The Heat” ft. Stranger Things Kid!


Canadian punks PUP have dropped the music video for their song Sleep In The Heat, featuring an appearance by Finn Wolfhard from ‘Stranger Things’. The video picks up from where the group’s video for Guilt Trip left off, and sees Finn Wolfhard reprise his role as a young Stefan Babcock (singer and guitarist of PUP).

Sleep In The Heat is musically similar to the majority of PUP’s work. However, rather than being boring and stale, PUP’s take on punk is something new. Extremely catchy lead lines are sprinkled throughout the track, adding little something extra and a bit of pep to the North American punk sound.

Rather than chasing a thick, fuzz-laden guitar tone, like many modern punk bands, PUP tends to focus on higher registers and utilising dynamics. This allows the guitars to cut through, yet simultaneously work in tandem with the bass and drums, forming a delightfully cohesive whole.

The band’s emotional video for Sleep In The Heat starts begins a younger version of the band, led by Finn Wolfhard finding and adopting a dog on tour. Despite efforts to find a home for their four-legged friend, it sadly falls sick. The dog remains with the band, which results in a trip to the vet which the band can’t afford. After the visit, it’s clear their faithful friend’s days are numbered.

Young Stefan then spends one last night with the dog, waking to find it has passed away in its sleep. He then buries the dog, and marks the grave with the simple epitaph of ‘PUP’. The track also features a glimpse of each member of PUP’s pets, ranging from cats to ‘Norman the chameleon’ (who stars in their video for Mabu). Sleep In The Heat was written about Norman the chameleon, who passed away during the recording of PUP’s latest album ‘The Dream Is Over’.

“Losing a friend is something so many of us have had to deal with, which is why I think this video is so important,” says frontman Stefan Babcock.

PUP’s latest music video will certainly bring a tear to your eye, and is well worth checking out below!