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Q & A: Segana


Segana is all about good times and filling the dance floor with their high-octane brand of super electronic music. Forget You is their debut single and has set the duo on an ambitious path. We chat to the new duo about how they came together, their quintessential dance floor fillers and the current dance music festival landscape in Australia.

What are both your backgrounds in music and how did SEGANA come to be?

Given that both of us have had interests in other genres before Segana came about, when creating the group we were able to blend our two unique sounds into a nice fusion of RnB and pop. Segana is a name that came to the mind of Josh just before Forget You was recorded. Once he told us on a random road trip afternoon, we all were on board with it and feel it stiuck well with us.

What did you hope listeners to take away from Forget You?

Honestly, just for people to feel good about themselves as we wanted the song to create such good vibes not only when dancing to it but even just listening to the song in general.

What’s the creative process like for the both of you in the studio?

We usually don’t like to treat it like a studio session as we feel our best ideas come when were both hanging out and sharing a common goal with each other. Just having a great time doing it and not stressing about results is super important to our creativity. However, a drink or two does the job as well.

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Which of the two of you would be considered a perfectionist?

We both can get like that sometimes. Especially when one of us are really interested in a specific song or even just an idea in general. Usually, by the end of our final demos, we really enjoy the sound of our songs.

What are your quintessential dance floor fillers? 

Uptown Funk and Thriller for sure are two dance floor fillers we love as they just have such great energy in when your in the mood for something to get you jumping around and getting groovy.

What’s your opinion on the current electronic music festival landscape in the country (with the disappearance of Sterosonic, Futuremusic Festival, Parklife and the new Festival X)?

It is a disappointment that these festivals are no longer present, however, we feel some of the major current ones such as Listen Out, Fomo, and Field Day really cater to the evolving sounds of the younger generations. Kind of the same way artists who have been around for a long time, change their sound to appeal to a newer audience.

Stream Segana’s Forget You below.

Written by Jake Wilton