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Q & A: The Offshore

Now ticking over to summer in Australia, The Offshore’s Touch The Sky has come at perfect time. Sunsets, sandy feet and Sunday vibes filter though this band and their brisk new music. We spoke to the group about their origins and when they’ll surely end up on a Corona ad.

Immediate surf-rock vibes on Touch The Sky. Surely all of you are surfers, right?

No. But Corey, Keagan and Sam come from a bit of a skating background. Luke’s more of an internet surfer.

Being childhood friends, what spurred you guys to form the band?

We started hanging out in Corey’s shed. Keagan and Corey would start jamming and Sam just decided to start singing. Then we started making songs and along came Luke with his electric guitar. Then one day Sam was on holidays in Bali and found his way on to a stage just offshore after a few Bintangs. He played a few covers and Second Chances and found a passion for the stage and thought it’d be heaps better with the boys up there playing our tunes.

Does the band thrive more in the studio or on the live stage?

I reckon on stage. We definitely give it a crack in the studio but in the live environment with the atmosphere and the crowd comes a whole lot more energy in the room. The whole experience is taken to another level.

Would you consider yourselves perfectionists?

We always strive to do the best we can with what we’ve got. Sometimes it’s not perfection but it always drives us to do better next time.

Your live show is now award-winning. What’s to be expected from an Offshore live show?

A high energy performance of our original songs, tributes to our favourite classics mixed up with bulk beers and some shit jokes.

Where do you hope The Offshore’s music to head to? House parties, festivals, Corona ads, etc?

As far and wide as possible. We want to see how far our passion for music can take us. P.S. Know anyone who can get us a set at a festival?

Strong offering for a debut single. But what’s on the horizon?

Definitely more and live shows and we’re in the process of recording our debut album.

Written by Jake Wilton