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Q & A: Being Jane Lane

Recently signed to Gold Coast label Human Records and crushing it across live stages throughout the east coast of Queensland, it’s all coming up for heavy five-piece Being Jane Lane. Performing at Dead of Winter Festival over the weekend, we took the band aside post-set for a few questions.

Tell us about your Dead of Winter experience?

The whole event was so incredibly awesome! Loved seeing Le Bastard; Tesla Cøils were amazing! The Bennies are legends. But hands down the absolute highlight was watching our beloved Flangipanis destroy the Hysteria Stage in Fluro pink superhero capes and masks with undies on the outside, blasting bubble guns and dodging stage divers, mic hijackers and the general unruliness of the mosh pit, whilst pumping out a fucking rad set. WE LOVE FLANG!

How does it feel having recently come off the Hysteria Stage?

Dead in winter, haha. Feeling slightly seedy, might still be drunk. We’re so grateful to have been asked to play.

Why Dead of Winter?

Dead of Winter Festival is a fantastic opportunity for local bands to get out to the people and to network with other bands. Having a plethora of awesome acts in one place is exciting and makes for a great atmosphere.

You’ve got a new single coming, right?

We’re about to release our single Sailboat—August 18th at the Milk Factory with our buddies, Jones The Cat.

How does your music happen, exactly?

Some one brings an idea and we jam it out until it some what resembles a song.

Do you ever face roadblocks?

Time management between five individuals is always a challenge, but we get through it.

What happens in the future for Being Jane Lane?

In the next few years we’d like to be joining festivals like this all over Australia and the world.

Any thoughts for people thinking about starting a band?

Do it and don’t stop. Play gigs, have fun, express yourself, be kind to the people you meet. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice!

Being Jane Lane Live Dates

Crowbar, Brisbane
The Milk Factory, Brisbane

Written by Jimmy Sky