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Q & A: The Royal Artillery

Riffs-a-plenty and having a tight noose around the blues-rock explosion currently in Brisbane, the Royal Artillery are something to be marvelled. I Don’t Need to Know Your Name is the duo’s latest single and it’s brutal as the name suggests. Having just come off stage during Dead of Winter Festival, we stopped the boys to chat about their future.

How did your Dead of Winter pan out?

We played a new song today which went down a treat! Played bass on the big-boy stage with Transvaal Diamond Syndicate too which was wild.

Do you ever just run out of time to get things done?

Finding enough time to do this music thing has been challenging, yes.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming tour?

We’re on tour with Elko Fields in August playing Frankie’s and Cherry Bar as part of our new single tour. Our next Brisbane show is Sonny’s on August 12—GET YA TIX.

Why do you play music?

It’s who I am and it’s what I do, I live it, Matt (drums) is the same.

What opportunities do you see out there for musicians to succeed?

I’m seeing opportunity everywhere, for everyone, social media and the ability to DIY is wonderful and there’s a lot of great stuff going on and it’s getting easier to find out about it.

Is there a secret formula in your songwriting craft?

I don’t know. We hardly rehearse but we play a lot, we’re busy recording and releasing at the moment so the process dictates itself.

If you could mentor a young musician what would you say?

Hone your talent, talent is enduring. Be critical, diverisfy your craft and your skill-set, get busy, quit your shitty day job and try not to give wankers too much shit online.

What’s been your favourite part of this Dead of Winter Festival?


What’s your plan for the coming years?

Releasing a lot of music, touring America and Europe.

Written by Jimmy Sky