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Marvel Movies Q & A: Japam


Adelaide heavy rockers Japam have just released their EP ‘Hows My EP’ and are about to kick off on a mini tour! We jumped at the chance to have a chat to them and found out how Japam would fit in with Marvel characters movie and what the future holds for their music.

If you could be a Marvel character who would you be?

Captain Awesome.

What would be your catch phrase?

“Giddy up, fill my cup.”

What would be your superpower of choice?

To drink beer super fast!

Where would your perfect fight scene take place?

My backyard with all my friends cheering me on (home ground advantage).

Who would be your characters partner in crime?

Slightly Smaller Captain Awesome.

If you could destroy one character who would that be?

Colonel Lame-Ass.

What would be your theme song?

I’m Walking On Sunshine.

How excited are you to head on tour and what are you looking forward to the most?

Extremely!! I think we’re most excited about just playing to some new faces in a different town, being out of our comfort zone.

How’s the response been to your cheekily named EP?

The response has been amazing so far, we really do appreciate all the feedback we’ve been getting, it feels like we have some good people in our corner!

What is the message behind your music video for DK Facepunch?

No matter what life throws at you ALWAYS rock out.

After the tour, what is the next step for Japam?

Probably looking to do some rural shows in the near future, and just continue to spread our music around!

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Japam ‘DK Facepunch’ Tour Dates

Enigma Bar, Adelaide
Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Get Tickets HERE