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Q & A – Melbourne Trio Loose Tooth



Melbourne trio Loose Tooth have just released their debut EP ‘Saturn Return’ and we’re big BIG fans! Featuring singles Bites Will Bleed and Sherry, the EP is a delicious introduction to their hazy guitar pop sound. They answered a few of our questions and gave us a little bit of insight into the EP.

How did it all begin for Loose Tooth?

Me (Nellie) and Etta met when we were just lil’ rockers in crèche. We went through our Wiggles phase and onto our early taste into pop/rock/punk/ska music together as young teens, so have got to develop our music palate together and of course branched off into our own personal styles during this time. One thing that was clear was that we both loved music! We learnt our instruments in our early teens with the idea to start a band; played in many different outfits throughout high school and early 20’s life, and finally decided to start Loose Tooth. We hung around with Luc quite a bit socially, and felt he was the natural step to complete our little family. Then bam- you got yourself a Loose Tooth!

The video for your single Bites Will Bleed was delightfully gory, how did you go making it?

It was a very fun/long/bloody day! Another of our best friends Patrick McBain was the man behind this clip- he’s a big buffy fan so I think it was right up his alley. Pat and his crew did an amazing job on a shoe string budget, and I think it’s comical and gory all in the same go! All we really did on set was eat pasta… and some A+ acting at the end of course.

Your debut EP ‘Saturn Returns’ released last Friday, how were you feeling in the lead up?

So excited! So overwhelmed! It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind- from recording, to mixing/mastering and then to having Milk! come on board was such a dream for us. It’s nice to look back at the process and be very proud of how far we’ve come, and that we have a piece of work that we can now show everyone.

The band shares lead vocals, like in Sherry, do you work collaboratively with song writing?

Definitely. We all write songs individually- but the general idea is to come to the band with an idea and work from that idea together to make it a Loose Tooth song. Luc fronts another band called Bad Family, and we’ve always loved his song writing, so it’s very nice to be able to work with him on our own tracks. We’re all very supportive of each other so that’s always a good platform to be creative together.

Throughout the EP, you focus on that catchy loose & jangly guitar and echoing vocals, is that a sound you were consciously trying to achieve?

There was definitely an intention to create a certain sound for this EP. Our references to Paul Maybury who recorded and produced the tracks, were all of very reverb soaked vocals and surf coast guitar sounds. I think it’s good to have an idea of what you want when you start your recording process- to keep everything on theme and have unity to the end product.

Do you have any favourite tracks from the EP?

My favourite is Sherry. I think it’s such a nice song and has a lot of personal meaning behind it so that makes it a special one to us.

Who are your musical influences?

There are so many I don’t think we have enough space on the page! I think that there are always people that come into your life, or bands you see or hear that influence you. Melbourne has such an amazing music scene at the moment that I find my favourite bands are so easy to see live, so in that respect I feel spoiled.

What Australian musicians/bands are you getting into at the moment?

There’s so many awesome Australian bands and releases that have been coming out lately- but to name a few; The Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Big Smoke, Wet Lips, Cable Ties, The Goon Sax, Jess Ribeiro, Cool Sounds, Terry, Palm Springs, Gold Class, Royal Headache, King Gizzard…The list could go on and on!

What was the last song you listened to?

The Goon Sax- Home Haircuts

You’re celebrating the release of the EP with shows in Melbourne and Sydney, any plans to do a more extensive national tour?

That’s a must!

What does the rest of 2016 have in store for Loose Tooth?

We will be doing a big EP launch at The Gasometer on April 22nd in Melbourne- with Big Smoke, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Wet Lips. Hopefully we’ll spend the rest of the year touring and writing songs for our album!

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Loose Tooth ‘Saturn Returns’ Launch Dates

The Gasometer, Melbourne

Tokyo Sing Song, Sydney

Ticket Info HERE