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Q&A: The Peep Tempel, Before They Head Back Into The Studio

The Peep Tempel

After the release of their hit album ‘Tales’ in 2014, Melbourne band The Peel Tempel have been at it non-stop. With hit’s like Carol and Big Fish burning up the radio and a string of shows all over the country. The guys have decided it’s now time to head back into the studio and work on their follow-up album, but not before they hit the road one last time. The group will be playing a few select shows, heading to Perth tomorrow and then playing in Melbourne and Sydney in early February.

We had a chance to do a quick Q&A with them before the tour kicks off.

‘Tales’ can safely be called a success; do you feel any follow-up pressure now that you’re heading back into the studio?

Nah not feeling any pressure at all, we don’t feel as if we need to make Tales 2 or anything. We have a pretty clear idea on what we want this next album to be and it’s just a matter now of putting it down and having fun with it.

There’s an aspect of tongue-in-cheek humour in ‘Tales’, will this be carried over into the new album?

Yeah our sense of humour is always firmly intact but as far as overall themes this album is will be different to Tales.

You’re a crowd favourite when it comes to live performances, what can audiences expect from your last few shows before you start work on the new album?

This time around we’ll be road testing some new material as well as showing off a lot more skin than usual because summer will be in full effect.

Do you have any touring highlights?

I love meeting new people, I find strangers to be quite honest and aren’t afraid to let you know if you or something sux.

What does The Peep Tempel do in their spare time?

We find ourselves spending a lot of time petting cats or swapping cat related tips whether it’s dietary options or what’s the best brand of cat litter.

The Peep Tempel Tour Dates:

Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Perth
with Pat Chow and Shit Narnia

Shadow Electric, Estonian House, Brunswick

The Factory Floor, Sydney