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Quails Reveals New EP Remedy

Singer, songwriter, producer Quails has just unveiled her powerful new EP ‘Remedy’.

The four track EP features beautifully produced synths, dreamy electronica and soothing vocals.

The title track highlights Quails’ alluring vocals as she takes us on a journey through her emotions. The double time chorus features captivating synths flowing into a soft ending close to the track.

The second track ‘Pretend’ begins with percussion that creates a soft eerie feel leading into kick drums and Quails’ mellow, but compelling vocals. The deep lyrics of the song create a sense of sorrow. The last minute of the track features beautifully layered vocals and instrumentation before finishing strong with the final chorus.

This leads into ‘Doubt’, taking a different approach to the EP with an RnB style. The track again has strong lyrics featuring bass synths and an engaging vocal range, creating a vulnerable feeling.

Closing track “Origami” finishes the EP perfectly. Opening with soft piano and harmonising vocals, ‘Origami’ escalates with up tempo percussion and layered vocals that intertwine perfectly with the instrumentation. The idyllic ending to a powerful EP by Quails.

Written by John Zebra