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Raave Tapes Share Their 5 Favourite Bands Performing at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl 2024

The ninth annual Mountain Goat Valley Crawl is set to take place across eight different stages on Saturday, the 10th, Feb. Featuring an all-star bill including These New South Whales, Peach Fur, Raave Tapes, Platonic Sex, Sesame Girl, plus heaps more! It will be a fun day out with pals set out across a wide variety of Fortitude Valley’s best venues.
To celebrate the event and get everyone excited, today, we have Raave Tapes share with us their five favourite bands performing on the bill and why.

Oscar the Wild – Kiss Me Aphrodite

We played a show with Oscar the Wild years ago in Adelaide & it has been so lovely watching them go from strength to strength from afar. The new EP absolutely rips, but we can’t go past this classic track. Their hometown crowd absolutely ate this one up and that infectiousness is still so vivid in our minds. It’s been too long, can’t wait to see them again!

Flamingo Blonde – Karaoke, Baby!

A cheeky double selection here, with fellow MGVC-er Asha Jefferies featuring on this true belter of a track. Every time we play The Valley we end up at Blutes way past our bedtime with the Flamingo Blonde crew doing karaoke, baby. That chorus hook is just incredible too. Love em.

Jet City Sports Club – She Don’t Need No One

More like Hard Working Lovely People Band Club, ammirite?!?! Adore these guys. We actually just finished a run of shows with Jet City and they’re just such a good band. So professional. So lovely to be around. This song hits us in the chest every time & Lilla’s vocals are so so so good.

Coldwave – No Conflict

We were lucky enough to catch Coldwave at BIGSOUND this year & they were mesmerising. Such an impressive live act with huge tracks and a commanding stage presence. I ran into a few of them later that evening in The Valley and professed my love for them at a kebab shop. I don’t fully recall my words but I meant every single one of them.

Platonic Sex – Melon

If Platonic Sex have a million fans, then I am one of them.
If Platonic Sex have one fan, then I am that fan.
If Platonic Sex have no fans, that means I’m dead.
This song is IT. That riff sends me. The vocal delivery. The hot & dangerous Bonnie Knight production?
Catch us front row for Platties hugging our mates <3

Catch RAAVE TAPES at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl in Fortitude Valley on 10 February 2024.

Written by Chris Lamaro