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Radolescent Share Their Favourite Tunes Of 2021 So Far

Gold Coast band Radolescent have this week unveiled their brand new EP, Excellent People, following on from the back of the lead single, Home.

The band spent the year of COVID recording and mixing the EP. Kicking things off with tracking drums at Blind Boy Studios, where the band sought out the help of Beddy Rays very own, Ben Wade to assist with the tracks.

“Isaac then recorded all remaining parts in his 11th floor apartment during state lockdown, taking turns of having Kerrod and Lachie over to track their parts. Upon Rachel joining the band they then tracked the vocals and sent the stems to Greg Reitwyk from Lunchroom Records in Melbourne. Finally the help of Dan Walker in New York was enlisted to master the tracks and the record was complete.” Radolescent

The five track EP is a reflection of the bands fast-paced lifestyles, growing older and the mental and social comings of past actions. The EP name was initially just the band joking around with titles and finding abbreviations for EP. Many months later a box of old polaroids appeared from Rachel’s closet (Rachel Gilligan: Vox and Guitar), and the name was cemented with “many old images containing all of our friends from the past decade, countless memories of festivals and parties, birthdays and cruisy Sundays.”

To celebrate the release of the fun loving EP, the band have shared with us a list of their favourite tracks of 2021 so far.

Get Me Out – King Stingray

Hailing from far North Queensland, King Stingray is rock and roll with a beautiful mix of native dialect and english. This track is best served going 100km/h down a freeway as the sun sets, enjoy!

Dog Eared – Carla Geneve

This woman is amazing, her recent EP ‘Dog Eared’ is back to back bangers. The title track is a stand out for me though and is sure to be one of the best australian rock tracks of 2021.

Something Abouts Being Sixteen – Teenage Joans

From the moment of them naming the song in the studio in the start of the song, to the dynamics of soft to loud in the chorus. This song is a great snapshot of being a teenager and is truly a banger.

Would You Throw A Diamond – Hayley Mary

Previously in the Jezebels, Hayley Mary has been putting out music over the past year. ‘Would You Throw A Diamond’ slaps from start to finish and is bound to start a dance storm in any living room.

Token – Perve Endings

‘Bikini Kill’ eat your heart out, Perve Endings are throwing down some serious punk vibes with this one. Not shying away from telling the boys how they’re feeling, the girls ain’t no token and you ought to know it by the end of this track, turn it up and rock out!

The Other Black Dog – Genesis Owusu

From the album Smiling with No Teeth, this track is one of many tunas. At the end of the year we are lucky enough to share the stage with Genesis at Festival of the Sun in Port Macquarie where I will definitely be getting in the thick of it to hear this one live.

Wait a While – Beddy Rays

These guys are awesome and we are lucky enough to call them our friends. ‘Wait a While’ is yet another great track of theirs from the past year and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

Overflowing Cup – Floodlights

The harmonica sets the tone to begin the song and you know you’re in for a swooning ride. True australian pub fairytale rock, I like it very much.

Twenty Five – Lunatics On Pogosticks

We played with Lunatics many moons ago at Miami Sharkbar, they have since disappeared from the Aus music scene for years. I was stoked to then see them recently release music and admire them addressing the issue of suicide by young men in this track ‘Twenty Five’.

Sad Girl – Flex Mode

Super rouge choice but these guys are from the Gold Coast and recently released an EP which was pretty wild. However I think this track has a really cool acid indie-pop vibe that holds you in for the ride.


Written by Chris Lamaro