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Red Deer Festival: Survival Guide

Red Deer 2015

Brisbane’s boutique BYO Red Deer Music & Arts Festival is here again for round 6, taking place this Saturday October 3, just north of Brisbane. But before you head off this weekend, make sure you know how to survive the festival, thanks to our handy guide:

Prepare For ALL Of The Weathers

You know music festivals, you know camping, and you know rain. You may also know the experience of these three things combining, ala: every bloody Splendour in the history of Splendour. Don’t chance it this weekend. Take wellies, take a poncho, and take a tent that doesn’t double as your own personal swimming pool. On the flip-side it could be really hot and sunny, we’re not the weather man. So take sunscreen and a hat for god’s sake. Nobody likes a dancing beetroot.

Don’t Go OTT On The BYO

Man it’s tempting, we know. Big props to the organisers for coming up with BYO drinks at a music festival. But before you get too hasty and knock back tinnies all day, think about pacing yourself. You don’t want to pass out before the sun goes down and miss everything. Take it easy and try not to go too hard, too early. This also leads into the next tip…

Red Deer 2015 1

Don’t Be That Guy

Red Deer prides itself on being a relaxed event with a community vibe. Go fuck it up for everybody by being that guy. You know who we’re talking about.

Actually See The Music

Yeah, duh! Well there’s no need to be rude, we were just pointing out that at every music festival with camping there’s always a few suckas that NEVER leave the campground. Like, ever. What’s up with that? What’s happening in the campground that’s so interesting? I want to know!

Don’t Forget Sustenance

By this we simply mean eating and drinking (liquids other than alcohol). Take a big water bottle, drink from it regularly, eat food to maintain general living-ness. Easy.

Red Deer 2015 2

Don’t Be Dancefloor Greedy (it’s a thing)

I’ve seen you dance. You’re really good. Excellent even. Like us, you might hear this in your head constantly, and no don’t worry, it’s not schizophrenia. It’s called being confident. But at the risk of annoying everyone around you, don’t pull out every move in your repertoire and demand 2 sq. meters of dance floor space. Be respectful of others and leave the neigh neighing at home (or potentially further back in the crowd).

Clean Up After Yourself

It’s not that hard, no matter how hungover you are. Just pick up your rubbish, pack away your tent and BYO couch and leave the grounds of Red Deer Festival how you found them. Think of it as a way of saying Thank You (without actually having to speak to anybody).