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Rejoicer’s ‘Double Astral Move’ Embodies The Psychedelia Of Production

Rejoicer—real name Yuvi Havkin—glues together the motives of hip-hop production with a loose, billowy jazz aesthetic. His new single, Double Astral Move, is a full 360 degree movement in sonic transformation.

This is a total headphone listen. There’s too many moving parts to Rejoicer’s puzzle that needs to be acknowledged and it also will take multiple listens to wrap your head around it all. Double Astral Move embodies emotion into electronic production. Rejoicer places his mind, body and soul into his work and, in turn, hopes the listener attains some form of outer body experience.

His work is inspired by lucid dreams, surreal aspects of human consciousness and psychedelic, spiritual jazz movements. His production covers unfamiliar ground while skirting across multiple genres simultaneously. Double Astral Move is merely the first, progressive step into another entire universe in which this artist has constructed for his listeners.

Havkin helped cultivate Israel’s modern beat movement through his work on his own label, Raw Tapes. Double Astral Move is the producer’s debut on Stones Throw. ‘Energy Dreams’ is his debut album and will release on 31 August. The accompanying clip was created by fellow Raw Tapes collaborator, Guy Glikshtein (aka Jengo).

Stream Double Astral Move below.

Written by Jake Wilton