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Release Some Bottled Up Anger With White Lung’s “Sister” Video

If you have some pent up sibling-directed angst then gear up because Canadian punk rock trio White Lung have dropped the video for their latest single Sister.

The track is the sixth off White Lung’s latest album ‘Paradise’ with a fairly simple meaning to its title. It’s a song about the classic “girl dates guy/guy sleeps with your sister” scenario. Y’know, that one we all face once in a while…

The whole video very aptly oozes punk which compliments the track well. Throughout the video we see a choppy and visually simplistic representation of the track’s story. A man is hitting up a “Sister” chatline which leads to a stressful time on the other end of the phone for a crazy blonde bombshell who starts screaming, drinking, and breaking sh*t.

The track is old school style punk with just the right amount of 90s alt-rock flair. Think classic aggressive punk riffs, killer vocals, and jump around percussion kicks, mixed with a grungy fuzz, and the result is the perfect fit for the aesthetic vibe. The lyrics say it all about the subject matter, “We were from the same womb/ We were from the same good start/All I know/ All I know is I’ll drag you all apart.”

It’s hard to ignore that Mish Way (vocalist) is almost spitting image of the infamous rock doll Courtney Love. Her wild blonde hair, classic red lipstick, and wild, aggressive, boozy behaviour was all too familiar for sight, and musically you can sense some notes taken from the 90s icon. By the end of the video its clear no one should ever mess with Mish, and the White lungs!

The band formed in Vancouver, Canada in 2006 and comprises of vocalist Mish Way, guitarist Kenneth William, and drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou (ex Riff Randells member). They buzzed through air waves following the release of their first full length studio album ‘It’s The Evil’. Now six years later, the band is still kicking it harder than ever with their fourth studio album ‘Paradise’.

Check out the video for Sister down below!