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Review: Babe Rainbow ‘Moons Of Love’

Straight from the little town of Byron Bay, Babe Rainbow continues to shock us! With two full albums which have done extremely well for themselves. The boys have toured nationwide and carried their variety of vibes over the oceans, currently touring in Europe. From the fizzy guitar plucking in “Losing Something” to the psychedelic sound in “Cool Cat Vibes” and all the way to the folk and indie sounds of the whole “Double Rainbow” album, there’s something for everyone to dip their toes into.

The Aussie boys from Babe Rainbow are back with another froth worthy tune. Upon their newest release of “Many Moons Of Love”, it’s 3 minutes and 31 seconds of nostalgia and the tasty guitar tempo will keep you hooked. The lyrics are pure love and bliss, and the mellow strumming of E and A at the beginning pulls you in and makes you feel like you’re on a cosmic journey straight through a kaleidoscope dream. Not to mention the video clip (released a week ago so get that into ya folks), the grainy, retro lifestyle flashed in each shot will bring joy to all. Babe Rainbow is always bringing heartwarming vibes and barefoot adventures into the unknown, and it’s safe to say the hippy revolution is on its way back

Written by Heavyn Rivera