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Ribs Releases Healing Anthem, ‘Claws’

Perth/Boorloo based indie-pop outfit, Ribs have today released their dynamic new single, Claws. The dynamic new track follows on from Ribs previous 2022 single, felt sad, might delete later.

Driven by a profound desire to foster meaningful connections and initiate conversations about difficult subjects, Ribs fearlessly ventures into the realms of mental health, social power dynamics, and the process of overcoming trauma. Their latest anthem is a potent and cathartic exploration of healing from the harrowing experience of intimate partner violence. Through their raw and emotive lyrics, the band courageously sheds light on the journey towards resilience and self-discovery. With an arresting clash of emotions and a mesmerizing sonic tapestry, Ribs compels listeners to confront these crucial issues head-on, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds alike.

“Growing claws is about learning what you will no longer accept, how anger can be a protective and productive force, and regaining control over the jagged parts of your history.” – Georgina Cramond, Ribs.

Claws stands as a significant milestone in the band’s ever-evolving journey, showcasing the steady momentum they have built over recent years. Ribs new single, Claws is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro