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Rich Delinquent Returns With Hypnotic Single, ‘Chico Diablo feat. 12AM’

Naarm/Melbourne-based artist Rich Delinquent has returned with his ominous new single ‘CHICA DIABLO‘ featuring 12AM – produced and written by the artist himself and mixed/mastered by Scotty Banks.

‘CHICA DIABLO’ masterfully merges R&B, pop and alternative rock elements, weaving a moody and haunting atmosphere, that delve into depths of desire, manipulation and intricacies of human connection. Rich Delinquent’s raw and impassioned vocals carry a sense of urgency and fervour, led through genre-blurring instrumentation that cast an ominous landscape with cathartic lyricism. 12AM’s evocative melody soars, before culminating into a high-octane final chorus that deftly dances through enigmatic dynamics of tension and release.

Rich Delinquent talks about the inspiration behind ‘CHICA DIABLO’:

“‘CHICA DIABLO’ is about being totally manipulated by a toxic relationship where you are a constantly questioning your reality. This single stems from out of a personal experience in which a ‘Devil Girl’ was my entire world however I was being played… for a change.”

Accompanying the release is the thrilling music video filmed and directed by Colin Jeffs at Ten ofSwords Media (RedHook, Yours TrulyFuture Static). The video immerses viewers in a pulsating urban dreamscape, commencing with a sleek Lamborghini surrounded by an entourage of girls exuding confidence and allure. Against a cityscape of neon-lit skyscrapers, the video pulsates with high-energy intensity, as glitchy visuals create a surreal, futuristic atmosphere. Rapid editing and dynamic camera work sync with the song’s rhythm, merging cyberpunk style with urban edge.

‘CHICA DIABLO’ feat. 12AM is available worldwide now

Written by John Zebra