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Ro Is Nuanced, Tender & Frustrated On ‘F**ked Up Over You’


Ro is the shining light in a new wave of powerful singer songwriters in the country. On F**ked Up Over You, the brash artist displays her fervent approach to being a charismatic introvert.

Since her debut earlier this year—the confessional and stark Diary—Ro has been on watch lists everywhere, even stunning at this year’s BIGSOUND. On her second single, Ro is nuanced, tender and frustrated in equal measure. Her hook-based poetic love songs so people who don’t like love songs is at fever pitch, combed gently by her erupting grunge guitar.

Songwriters in her own line of work have attempted to sound as real and genuine as Ro, but only come close to the introspection and malign confessional of this calibre. Her melodic drive and empowering charm is potent and effervescent. We need to hear more already.

According to Ro, F**ked Up Over You is about dominance and power—having the courage to move on and start the next chapter of your life.

“F**kd Up Over You is about moving on. It’s a sort of mantra about the underrated strength in nonchalance, especially after the rekindling of a destructive romance. It’s also about self-affirmation and self-respect after someone has underestimated you. When people take you for granted, sometimes the best thing is to foot down and declare that you’re strong and unfazed; and not the damaged damsel anymore,” explains Ro.

Stream F**ked Up Over You below.

Written by Jake Wilton