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Road Trip Q & A: Matt Gresham

Matt Gresham 2016

Western Australian artist Matt Gresham has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of his controversial exit from 2013’s X-Factor competition. With a SXSW performance and a national tour under his belt, the songsmith is about to take to the road again with his latest single Small Voices, supporting Vera Blue on her ‘Fingertips’ tour. We threw the balladeer some questions about a possible life on the road and what the future holds.

Youre heading out on a road trip, where are you going?

First stop would be Dwellingup in Western Australia, my mum has a hippy commune out there and it’s such a beautiful place to switch off the brain and reconnect with nature…then to Yallingup for a surf!

Before you leave, what would be the things you put in your car to make the trip more enjoyable and the essentials?

An iPod with just Cat Stevens on it or Gregory Alan Isacov – pure travel music. My new surfboard 5’9 by Kelly Slater designs omni. Lots of vegan treats that my girl loves – I don’t mind them haha! Skateboard Coconut oil body wash, it washes everything…and last but not least my guitar!

Would you rather do the classic Australian outback road trip or Americas Route 66 road trip?

Umm I think I would struggle with both. I need to be near the coast otherwise I lose my mind! The history on Route 66 and the music made about it would be pretty awesome to check out. I think I could make a pretty good playlist for a Route 66 trip. Ok…so probably Route 66.

You break down. Whats your first move?

Call Dominos pizza. You can’t change a tire on an empty stomach! Plus it would get there quicker than a mechanic.

Youre running out of money, you only have a packet of noodles and a chocolate bar left as supplies and water is running low. What do you do?


Could you live out of your car for a long time or do you think you would miss home too much?

I could live out of a car with my family in it, would be a tight squeeze but family is home so I’d have to take them with me.

 You recently played at SXSW in Texas, how was that?

Amazingly crazy! Pure music for days. It was so inspirational to see so much talent everywhere. I heard some of the best music of my life and met NOFX, my favourite band. I also saw Talib Kwelli with a band, he soulfully smash the stage and his energy was beautiful. Oh, and I played some gigs to, haha! They were a lot of fun and I played with some amazing musicians.

Youre expected to release an EP later this year, can we expect it to sound like Small Voices or will it dish up some surprises?

Yeah, I’m super exited to share the new music! The sound is in line with Small Voices, I want to keep the organic feel in my music but I love introducing some really cool electronic elements. There’s a few little surprises in there!

You controversially walked off Australian X-Factor back in 2013 due to artistic restrictions. Do you regret this decision or has it benefited your career?

I’m so happy I left, but at the same time I’m happy that I was on the show. It really taught me about work ethic, coming from Rockingham WA where things move a little slower than the rest of the world…I tend to be to chilled about things sometimes and going on the show lit a bit of a fire under me and taught me a lot about the right and wrong way of approaching things in this industry! Life’s a balancing act, that’s for sure.

You put out a video for Small Voices, which has been well received by fans. What was the inspiration behind the video?

The song is about missing someone or something and living without that. The clip was from a young girls point of view whose parents weren’t around to raise her so she survived on her own. Jade the young girl who acted in the clip did such a great job, I get teary every time I see the clip!

Vera Blue ‘Fingertips’ Tour
Supported by Matt Gresham

Shebeen Bandroom, Melbourne
Sheebeen Bandroom, Melbourne
Shebeen Bandroom, Melbounre
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Plan B Small Club, Sydney
Newtown Social Club, Sydney