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Roll Up, Roll Up, It’s 4ZZZ Annual Radiothon

What is a Radiothon, I hear you ask? Well it’s kind of like a telethon but instead of d-list actors mugging it in front of a landline, you get the chance to support a Brisso icon and win some shit-hot prizes at the same time.

Can you believe that 4ZZZ has been on the air for more than 40 bloody years? To celebrate they’ve made the theme for this year’s Radiothon ‘We Built This Station’. A tribute to all the upcoming artists and broadcasters 4ZZZ have groomed for greatness over the four decades.

From August 18th (that’s today!) to the 27th if you subscribe to 4ZZZ you go into the draw to win some ridiculous prizes including but not limited to a signed Foo Fighters guitar (!), a 5-day Bluesfest camping and festival pass (!!) and a Tivoli Golden Ticket which will bless its owner with 12 months of free gigs at The Tivoli (!!!!!!!!!!!) and well as a bunch of daily draw prizes.

All you gotta do to be in the running to snig some of this sweet swag is head over to 4ZZZ’s website within the 18th to the 27th of August and subscribe for as little as $33 a year. So it’s either support a cherished Brisbane music institution or buy two drinks in the Valley on a Saturday night, the choice is yours.

Congrats on the milestone 4ZZZ and here’s to 40 more years of reminding people that you came up with the Hottest 100 first. For all the details you could ever need, visit the 4ZZZ website HERE.