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Rolls Bayce Release Epic & Punchy New Single “Inside Out”


Imagine if The Final Countdown by Europe took a trip down psychedelic lane and then descended into a euphoric trance. That’s what the intro to Rolls Bayce’s new single Inside Out feels like the second it reaches your ears, with the Brisbane trio hitting the bulls-eye on this little number!

It dives into slightly unfamiliar territory for the band but they absolutely own every second of it, with stirring guitar jabs that meld into the synthetic melody with unsettling ease. The dreamy vocals are absolutely hypnotising before the jarring guitar and bass bring you back down to earth in the best possible way.

So if you like Inside Out then you’re in for a treat, because this is the first song of their debut album which is looming just over the horizon. But what we do know is that they’ll be gracing the stage of The Foundry on the 10th of November to launch the EP for inside out. 

If you’re not excited for that then you clearly haven’t given them a listen, so get behind this Brisbane trio and let the new tune take over you!

Rolls Bayce ‘Inside Out’ Single Launch

The Foundry, Brisbane

Get Tickets HERE