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The Rubens Swing Back With New Single, ‘Million Man’

After coming off a huge year in 2016 The Rubens have finally released their new single, Million Man. This is the band’s first song released after their chart topping album ‘Hoops’ which had the Triple J Top 100 number one song with the same name. Million Man is the first song off their upcoming highly-anticipated album which is set to be released early next year.

This new single still resonates as a classic Rubens song with the easily recognisable vocals of Sam Margin alongside the buzzy guitar that is heard so often in their songs however the song is definitely a more laid-back track with a groovy vibe. The beginning is intriguing as it is kept super simple with just vocals, keys and clicks on the beat until the chorus comes in with that familiar Rubens style. The song is heavily reliant on the keys which creates this soulful energy especially in the bridge when the line, ‘I can’t stand it,’ is repeated over and over to build up to the last chorus.

The Rubens have kept pretty quiet this year with a lack of shows and festival appearances. They’re usually a house regular when it comes to the New Years festivals however they don’t seem to be appearing on any. Whether they want to really knuckle down on the new album, or they just need some downtime after such a massive 2016 who knows? But hopefully they release dates soon because we miss them and need their sweet tunes in our lives again.