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Run The Jewels Revolutionise Music Videos

Run the Jewels

Just when you thought music videos couldn’t get any better, Run the Jewels creates a virtual reality music video for their new single ‘Crown’.  The hip-hop duo released the teaser of their new VR vid to the world, which will be made available through New York Times’ VR app (accessible for iOS and Android users).  The revolutionary music video experience will also roll out on Facebook and YouTube’s 360-degree platforms next month.

The music video, directed by Oscar nominee Peter Martin, will allow listeners/viewers to be teleported into the dark and lyrically riddled cinematic landscape of rappers Killer Mike and El-P through any type of VR headset.

Run the Jewels were at the top of the list for experimenting with virtual reality music videos because their songs tell such elaborate and vivid stories.  It seems as though Run the Jewels and producers WEVR (pioneers of VR) are a match made in heaven!

Check out Run the Jewels’ teaser for their upcoming virtual reality music video below!