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Ry Hits Up the B-Ball Court In ‘Ordinary Record’ Clip


Melbourne MC Ry (Ryan Egan) bounces in with a funny, cameo-heavy video for his new song Ordinary Record. The track, off his debut EP ‘Ivory Coast’, is about the huge amount of pressure placed on emerging artists as they struggle to breakthrough. It’s an interesting take coming from the rapper-on-the-cusp.

The Ordinary Record clip, directed by Luke Goodall, sees softly spoken Ry transform into a confident MC after a rivalry is sparked with fellow rapper Gazey (not to be confused with Jay-Z). The clip cuts between Ry recording at the studio with a disinterested producer (Steven Gates of Tripod) and Ry bringing all the swag to the basketball court complete with a backwards cap. The video culminates with Ry facing off against Gazey, played by basketballer Andrew Gaze, in a one-on-one battle on the court.

“Growing up in Melbourne, Andrew is somewhat of a Legend and I idolised him as a kid, he was incredibly supportive of the project and was a pleasure to work with,” says Ry.

The track is upbeat and affirmative (think “Hang in there, Baby” motivational cat poster). Ordinary Record reads like Ry’s own personal mantra, urging him to keep going despite the pushback, “Been waiting all this time/ I feel like we’re almost there”.

The song’s straightforward lyrics are layered with a marching band like trumpet and horn section. The repetitive backing continues throughout the track before completely dropping off at the end and leaving Ry to rap alone.

With Ordinary Record’s catchy sound and inspirational lyrics, it looks like Ry has got another slam dunk on his hands.