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Ryan Martin John Inspires On His Latest Single, ‘INFJ’

Self-produced singer-songwriter, Ryan Martin John has just revealed his latest feel-good single, INFJ. This sunny new jam is taken from his forthcoming debut album, Goodness Gracious Graceless which is set for release on April 28.

INFJ carries an uplifting toe-tapping vibe from start to finish, featuring a classic 70’s folk-rock flare, it’s one of those tracks that is filled with the full musical spectrum, twangy guitar moments, soft melodies and warm vocal delivery.

The track is based on the Myers Briggs personality test. After taking the test himself and finding out he is categorised as an introverted, intuitive feeling judgmental person, John found inspiration.

As a musician I’m often wanting to use my platform for good change, but because I’m introverted, I find it hard to be a loud voice among the rabble. This song acknowledges that and makes peace with it in a triumphant declaration.” – Ryan John Martin.

An inspirational tune, Ryan Martin John has delivered some of his best work on this one and we’re very much looking forward to the debut album in April. INFJ is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro