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Sage Roadknight Reveals Bold New Single, ‘Wake Up’

Melbourne artist Sage Roadknight, at just 18 years old, is making waves with her latest single Wake Up. Known for her Future Alt-Pop style, Sage’s new track is a retro-inspired blend of synths and powerful emotions, tackling themes of late-stage capitalism and class disparity.

Sage has already garnered attention for her unique sound and compelling lyrics. Her talent has been recognized by Triple J Unearthed, the Folk Artist of the Year Award, and the Environmental Music Prize. She even performed at the Ignite Festival at just 14.

Wake Up was co-produced and mixed by Ricki Rae, who has worked with big names like Living End, Baby Animals, and Tina Arena. The song combines a dance-ready beat with a sense of tragedy, exploring the deep frustrations of the working class against the ultra-rich.

Sage describes Wake Up as a track that will make you want to dance and sing about the injustices of the system. It’s a mix of rage and euphoria, capturing the intense emotions felt by many young people today.

Wake Up is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro