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Sam Heselwood Shares Heartfelt Ballad, ‘I Remember’

New Zealand-born, UK-based singer-songwriter Sam Heselwood has just revealed his gorgeous new single ‘I Remember‘ – produced by Alex Stacy (Mika, Bellah Mae) and Joel Jones, and mixed by Simon Gooding (P!nk, Drax Project, Neil Finn).

‘I Remember’ is a moving exemplar of fervent songwriting, led by Sam’s soul-stirring voice that drips with longing. Opening with delicate piano that gracefully sustains across the track, the instrumentation is built intricately with ethereal synths, lightly padding percussion and strings that lift a poignant bridge. The choruses are a beautiful blend of melancholy and acceptance, as Sam’s falsetto pulls at the heartstrings with exquisite intensity.

Sam talks about the inspiration behind ‘I Remember’.

“‘I Remember’ was written from the perspective of if my partner was to pass away. The lyrics convey the universal theme of lost love, expressing a yearning for the passionate moments we would have once shared. The song reflects on the joy of being in love, overcoming challenges, and dancing under the stars. It was written on the last day of a six-day songwriting week at Parachute Studio, Auckland. It was written, recorded and produced in 6 hours. I had played a gig the night before and was over-tired and over-caffeinated. I got paired with the amazing local Auckland-based producer/writer Joel Jones and special guest Alex Stacey, the incredible Welsh producer/songwriter. I remember clearly saying that I was in the mood to pour my heart into something. “

Growing up in the small rural town of Darfield, New Zealand, Sam originally planned on following a professional Rugby career before a severe neck injury halted his sporting dreams. Sam didn’t start writing music until the age of 19, but by 21, he had become a finalist at the Golden Guitar Awards for his song ‘High Off Love’ – which was recorded in his room on a USB mic.

Written by John Zebra