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Sam Marks Reveals Accompanying Video For ‘Wash Over Me’

Gadigal/Sydney-based artist, Sam Marks recently returned with his dreamy indie-rock jam, Wash Over Me. To take the single up a notch he’s just revealed the accompanying video for the track.

Visually the video matches the audio almost perfectly, with his cloudy colour grading and vulnerable solo appearance from Sam Marks as he roams around in an artistic narrative. The track explores Marks own feelings of disconnection and detachment from reality and the video matches that feeling with it’s lonesome eery feeling it offers.

The video came to life with the help of Sam’s brother, Ben who produced the video and added his visual interpretation.

“As with my other film clips, this one was produced solely by my brother Ben. I basically handed over creative control to Ben who came up with the theme and style of the clip.” Sam Marks.

As the track doesn’t follow one clear linear story, as Sam Marks notes, “it is a song that explores my relationship with reality and how I can often feel disconnected from it,” Ben Marks’ intent was to, “explore a number of visual metaphors with an edge of strangeness and other-worldliness. It’s not based in the confines of reality which broadens the creative scope.”

The wonderful video for Sam’s dynamic single, Wash Over me is out now.

Written by Chris Lamaro