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Sam Marks Unveils His Hazy New Single, ‘Wash Over Me’

Sydney/Gadigal indie-rock artist, Sam Marks has today unveiled his hazy new single, Wash Over Me. This new single follows on from his 2021 releases, Vagabond and Tend To Yourself.

Hitting the spot with some laid-back guitar work and a swaying vocal delivery, Wash Over Me is a perfect beachside afternoon number, the track literally feels as though it washes over the listener. It’s sincere and has a brilliant storytelling tone about it. The track slowly builds, offering it all as it reaches the end.

“I often feel disconnected or detached from reality, moving in a strange and distant motion, like common reality is far ahead and I’m unable to catch up. I’ve used lyrics and metaphor as an evocative tool to build feeling and colour that relates to my experiences.” – Sam Marks. 

A powerful ballad, Sam Marks has highlighted his wonderful ability for storytelling through his songwriting. Wash Over Me is available now, everywhere.

Sam Marks performing at Sunset Festival on December 3 with headliners including Allday, The Grograns and more.

Written by Chris Lamaro