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Sam Stosuur Is A Shining Light In The Brisbane House Underground On ‘Dunlop Molley’

Sam Stosuur

Injecting a small dose of acid and jazz into the melting pot that is house music, the little-known, underground producer, Sam Stosuur, has delivered one very fine EP, ‘Dunlop Molley’. It’s out now on his own imprint titled, Beats Of No Nation.

The Brisbane producer, immediately, inspires new and fresh idioms to the often placated house music world. Each track on the succinct EP envelops a new direction and bleeds unique ideologies from the sprouting, young mind of Sam Stosuur. The moment-to-moment action of the EP is never stilted or halted by lack of ideas of unique variation. Sam Stosurr brings in new instruments and samples into the fold to spice up the beat into a BADBADNOTGOOD level of dynamism.

Opening track, Rainbow, is a sprawling number that’s egged on by arpeggiated, warm synth tones and clever use of building percussion. The producer brings a timely vocal sample that he rides throughout. The vocal track dips and weaves through a minefield of hi-hat inclinations and delicate synth fills. Not to mention the trumpet break. Numbers Of Incompletion could be taken out of Flying Lotus’ early demo library—with its doodling bass guitar and playful drumming. Stosuur Christmas Jam is a slower paced house number that breaks the EP up sharply, while The Road is a lo-fi experimental piece that pulls the looser ends of the EP into one dynamic thrust akin to Ross From Friends.

Leon Revol rounds out the EP with a remix of the previous track, Stosuur Christmas Jam. More in line with traditional house syncopations, this remix has Boiler Room written all of it. The dance floor ready track is screaming to be played on the world stage thanks to its impressive and trained knowledge of the genre.

Stream ‘Dunlop Molley EP’ below.

Written by Jake Wilton