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SAMETIME Walk Us Through Their New EP, ‘Maybe We Can Get High’

Sunshine Coast brothers Tim and Sam Aitken are SAMETIME and they have just unveiled their brand new EP, Maybe We Can Get High. It features the previously released singles, Get To Know Ya, Moving On and Til Ur Not Ok which collectively have racked up some very impressive online streams.

Maybe We Can Get High sees the duo carry on with the narrative we’ve come to expect, a love of infectious synthy melodies and addictive groovy pop vibes.

“We’re young male adults going through that phase of life where going out and getting “sloshed” every weekend is compulsory. ‘Maybe We Can Get High?’ tells of the ecstatic uppers and brutal downers of youthful hedonism. The EP is a self reflection of us but also our generation as we navigate our way through young adulthood but making sure we have a good time doing it.” SAMETIME

To celebrate the release we’re super lucky today to have the boys talk us through each track on the EP.


‘Moving On’ is about reminiscing on the good times we had with friends growing up and how getting older got in the way. The decisions a person made on a night out that resulted in something worse than a hangover the next morning.

The sweet sound of this song counteracts the lyrics and the bitterness of coming to terms with the fact people change and it sucks.


‘Get To Know Ya’ is a bright, upbeat song about just going out and meeting someone that makes you feel good temporarily. How you can escape reality by spending time with someone who knows nothing about you. It’s an idealistic, feel good sounding track but the underlying theme is loneliness. We all want to feel love even if it’s just fools gold.


Going out drinking and doing drugs is a lot of fun…for a little while. ‘Something To Feel’ is about the search for a bigger, better high as you’re consumed by the nightlife scene. How you don’t think you can have a good time without something in your bloodstream. It’s a conversation between the angel and devil on your shoulders, one wanting more and the other asking “where the line is”.

It is the darkest and most honest song on the EP.


Nothing I Can Change’ is about how we are at the stage of life where we have no idea what’s going to happen or what it is we want to do. It’s about becoming aware that everything is temporary and trying to become okay with it. Navigating through the world as young adults is odd especially in times like these. Life is strange and wonderful, boring and over the top, all we can do is make sure we have a good time whilst we figure it out.


This song in a way wraps up the whole EP since it covers all the themes explored on it. It tells of the ecstatic uppers and brutal downers of youthful hedonism. How repeating the same behaviours and continuously seeking a night out can backfire, the lyrics follow the thought process of someone experiencing this. The first pre chorus is the beginning of the night and being on board with all activities ahead. The second pre chorus is when the doubt and the worries kick in as the night progresses.

Written by John Zebra