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SAMMM. Drops Catchy New Single ‘Whatever You Like’

Brisbane-based indie/alt-rock sensation SAMMM. has unleashed a sonic storm with his latest single, Whatever You Like, accompanied by a visually arresting music video directed by Phoebe Faye. Known for his exploration of eccentric, existential themes with raw, angsty flair, SAMMM. (aka Samuel Geddes) offers a refreshing take on the challenges of adulthood and societal expectations.

“Whatever You Like” captures Geddes’ struggle with the facade of maturity and the pressure to conform to societal norms. In a candid reflection on the chaos of navigating adulthood, Geddes channels his distinct vocal idiosyncrasies into a spirited anthem layered with sharp guitars, shimmering synths, and jittery drums.

“I wrote ‘Whatever You Like’ to put together all my feelings about being inadequate as an adult and to then throw those feelings away. I think everyone knows how it feels to be pretending you know what you’re doing – or feel like you’re one of those “late 20s teenagersThere’s a point in your twenties when you realise everyone is pretending to be adults and not many people have it all figured out.” – SAMMM.

The accompanying music video, conceptualised by Faye, encapsulates the essence of the track by juxtaposing images of Japanese Salarymen with Geddes and his band shedding their corporate attire to embrace spontaneity and freedom. From whiskey bars to karaoke joints, the video showcases the band’s journey of breaking free from the monotony of everyday life.

“In the early idea-stage Sam talked a lot about how ‘Whatever You Like’ was about breaking patterns and escaping a monotonous life – it made me think a lot about the images of Japanese Salarymen asleep on trains and sidewalks in their suits.” – Phoebe Faye.

With “Whatever You Like,” SAMMM. delivers a cathartic blend of anxious tension and liberating energy, solidifying his position as a vital voice in Meanjin’s (Brisbane’s) music scene. As Geddes eloquently puts it, the song is a declaration of shedding pretences and embracing authenticity in a world where adulthood often feels like an illusion.

Fri May 30 – The Brightside 10 Years Birthday, Brisbane | Headliner/s: Ruby Fields, Adam Newling, The Creases, and more (SAMMM. playing Friday night) | Tickets

Written by Chris Lamaro