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Sammy Honeysett Presents Her Debut EP, ‘Queen Of Wands’

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Sammy Honeysett has unveiled her heartfelt debut EP Queen of Wands. Exploring elements of indie-rock through pensive instrumentation, ‘Queen of Wands’ reflects on Sammy’s adept songwriting and commanding presence.

Lead single ‘I C UR LIPS’ opens the EP with assertive basslines and compelling vocals before bursting into infatuating choruses, full of driving guitars. Second track, ‘With Another’, kicks off with effortless guitar and soothing vocals taking the listener on an emotional journey through a deft dynamic range.

Taking cues from luminaires Ally Barter and Maddy Jane, track three, ‘Play Nice’ features passionate lyrics, as guitars playfully intertwine with steadfast drums bringing the track to a wholly satisfying conclusion. Next up, fourth track ‘Temptation’, shows a more sentimental side to Sammy’s songwriting. The lull instrumentals allow Sammy’s vocals to float effortlessly across the top, highlighting her awe-inspiring vocal range.

The EP closes with a tribute to her father in ‘Dad’s Song’. Tranquillizing instrumentals and soaring melodies shine a light on such a personal track, making for an idyllic finisher for a heart-warming EP.

Written by John Zebra