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San Cisco Unveil New Single, ‘Summer Days’ feat. Nicholas Allbrook

As the countdown to the launch of their upcoming fifth studio album, Under The Light, inches closer, Australian indie luminaries San Cisco have unveiled their last pre-release single, Summer Days. This euphoric and anthemic track features the collaborative talents of Nicholas Allbrook from POND, a longtime friend and collaborator. To celebrate this momentous occasion, San Cisco has also dropped the official video for ‘Summer Days,’ a cinematic and enigmatic piece that picks up where the suspenseful conclusion of their October 2023 single, ‘High,’ left off. The visionary director Levi Cranston expertly crafted the visual spectacle, leaving fans eager to unravel the unfolding storyline.

Summer Days intricately weaves a tapestry of emotions, skillfully navigating the delicate equilibrium between euphoria and melancholy. This single is yet another window into a forthcoming album marked by a newfound maturity and vulnerability. Crafted as an ode to the tumultuous emotional journey that unfolds when grappling with life’s incessant ‘what ifs’, it delves into the labyrinth of contemplation about what could have been.

Experiencing loss isn’t just about reflecting on the past, it’s also about mourning what the future could have been, that future can be as big or small as your heart desires filling whatever hole was left inside you. Standing on the rooftop of a tall building in a city filled with things that feel nothing like home on an evening engineered for celebrating love at the strike of midnight, the mark of a new year and a new beginning. But where do you fit into it all now they’re gone?” – San Cisco.

Alongside the single comes the official video for Summer Days, seamlessly extending the captivating storyline introduced in the video for their previous single, High. Against the breathtaking backdrop of NSW’s Blue Mountains and under the skilful direction of Levi Cranston, the High video began as a seemingly ordinary love story, gradually evolving into a more mysterious and shadowy narrative. The cliffhanger ending left viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapter. Summer Days now picks up this cinematic tale, promising to delve even further into the complexities and mysteries introduced in its predecessor.

Summer Days is available now, while the forthcoming album is available on March 1st.


Written by Chris Lamaro