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San Mei Reveals Her Dreamy New Single, ‘Sink or Swim and Announces Forthcoming EP

Gold Coast based singer-songwriter and AAA fave San Mei (Emily Hamilton) has unveiled her dreamy new single, Sink or Swim. It comes ahead of the release of her EP In Comes The World due out next month.

Sink or Swim sees San Mei return to her signature dreamy, shoegaze style with a bit of a bright pop edge. Bright and edgy guitar work with Hamilton’s 90’s style vocal delivery make this one shine. The track was written during a bit of a challenging time for Hamilton and it serves as an anthem for choosing optimism over sinking in those darker times.

The best option for me during that time was to look up and swim to the surface, rather than just let myself sink. I wrote this song as an anthem of sorts, not just for myself but for others because I know this feeling is universal. I wanted it to be a rejection of the idea that our circumstances have control over us and know that we can always choose optimism and forge our way to the light.” San Mei

San Mei’s forthcoming EP was produced wholly by herself with mixing and engineering duties taken care of by Michael Mcartney. It’s set to feature previously released works, In The Machine and I Can’t Sleep which was co-written with Micah Jasper, DILLON FRANCIS (!!!), Mothica, Cailin Russo and FINNEAS.

“It was cool to be in a totally new, challenging place and I think this song is a by-product of that sonically,” explains San Mei. “I wanted to make something that felt a little bit crazy and scary to me – kinda how it felt being alone on the other side of the world for a moment.” – San Mei

Sink or Swim is available now, everywhere via our bestest of pals, etc etc.

Written by Chris Lamaro