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Sannia Shares Her ‘Top 5 Indie Artists That She’s Really Excited About’

Traversing her own wave of indie luxe-pop, Melbourne’s SANNIA recently returned with new single Sad Rich Girls. The track is the follow up to Triple j favourites Go and Get Over, Better and Love You Like. We threw SANNIA the aux cord to find out who her top 5 indie artists are!

Mia Wray 

Mia’s voice will genuinely stop you in your tracks. In an era where so much of what we hear is tweaked and tuned and even toned back, Mia is a real vocalist in every sense. Not only are her songs killer but she can back them up on stage with undeniable delivery and the kind of confidence that comes with genuine artistry. Every time I’ve seen Mia live I’ve been more blown away than the last time, mark my words she is going to be huge.

King Stingray 

Obsessed is an understatement for me when it comes to King Stingray, ‘Hey Wanaka’ was one of my favourite tracks of 2020, and their latest song ‘Get Me Out’ feels like Yothu Yindi meets Harry Styles’ Golden. So it’s unsurprising that two of the four members of the band are literally related to Yothu Yindi. I love the raw power of their voices, the effortless transitions between Yolnu Matha and English languages, and the uniquely indigenous phonation in their delivery. It’s such an exciting sound, I’m super excited to check them out at a gig some time!


I’ve watched Eaglemont’s journey since our uni days and I still think she is one of the greatest songwriters in the country right now. Her ability to paint a picture in that classic folk way combines with the edge and distortion of her guitars and creates this incredible realm you can just dive into. And you know she’s a big deal when Phoebe Bridgers says so.

Stevie Jean 

I first heard Stevie Jean on her track ‘December Song’ and was instantly captured by the intensity and dynamism of her voice. I love her energy, her writing and the production on her tracks. I’ve had her album ‘The Dark’ on repeat all week.


Bec Sykes 

I read somewhere a long time ago that you can tell the quality of a song by stripping it back to just piano and vocals, and Bec Sykes’ ‘Edithvale’ needs no more than that. As a Frankston line girl when I saw Edithvale come up on shuffle I was already keen but I was blown away by her ability to tell a story, and the beautiful simplicity of just honest, direct lyrics, I find myself randomly singing “I don’t want to be friends” over and over every time I drive through Edithvale now and I can’t wait to hear what Bec does next. 


SANNIA’s new single, Sad Rich Girls is available now, everywhere.


Written by John Zebra