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Nobody’s Perfect On Sarah Maxwell’s ‘Flawed’

Everyone can relate to Flawed in one way or another. Sarah Maxwell, originally from the quiet streets of Canberra now resides in Sydney, is the new face in brash rap.

Turning heads wherever her music lays, Sarah Maxwell and, at first, unassuming. Dive head first into her music and you’ll find she has something to say, and she’ll do it loud and proud. Taking cues from rap, punk and a touch of electronic flair thrown in for good measure, Sarah Maxwell most certainly has her finger on the pulse. She’s the leading the pack and doing a mighty fine job of it.

Flawed speaks of imperfections. Some humans may be perfect in their own right, though, as Maxwell claims on her new track, why be perfect when you can be flawed? To her, having flaws is what makes you human. It’s motivational and kicks ass when it needs it.

Flawed is for anyone who’s ever wanted to eat nuggets and drink wine rather than go to the gym,” exclaims Maxwell.

Stream Flawless below.

Written by Jake Wilton