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Save The Clock Tower Unleash Atmospheric Single “The Familiar Decay”


Two years after the release of their debut album ‘Wasteland’, Launceston alt-metal troubadours Save The Clock Tower have announced the release of their new single The Familiar Decay, and it’s pretty damn catchy!

Save The Clock Tower have been rising through the ranks to become one of Australia’s most talked about metal bands, playing opening slots for heavyweights Bleeding Through, Northlane, and Parkway Drive.

Opening with a gentle and atmospheric piano intro before segueing into a crushing riff, The Familiar Decay sounds simultaneously grandiose and approachable. The backing vocals are eerily reminiscent of Karnivool, inching the song closer to a radio-friendly single.

Vocalist Luke Vaessen’s croons would be quite at home fronting any run-of-the-mill post-hardcore band, but the addition of the band’s djent-influenced riffs ground them squarely in the realm of metal.

Save The Clock Tower combine the grandeur and accessibility of melodic death metal with a typically Australian metalcore sensibility. Simply put, if The Amity Affliction were by-way-of Gothenburg as opposed to Gympie, you would have something close to Save The Clock Tower’s general sound.

The Familiar Decay is due for release on Friday 1st of July. Have a listen to the track below!

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