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Super Bowl #50 Halftime Show Wrap Up

SB50 Halftime Show Feature Image Coldplay Beyonce Bruno

There’s only one reason Australians care about American football, The Super Bowl Halftime Show. This iconic event reached its fiftieth year in 2016, so it was clear we were in for something special. As the sun set over Levi’s Stadium, punters held up coloured boards to create a sea of colour as a technicoloured orchestra took to the stage. Coldplay knows how to make an entrance! They opened with the iconic Viva La Vida, we then we got a slice of Paradise, as Chris Martin jumped around like a child at Disneyland. It was clear that he was as excited as America was. Much to our delight they also played a snippet of their newest song Adventure of a Lifetime.

stadium halftime show

However, after three songs interest was waning. As the heartbeat rhythm faded, Mark Ronson & Co. swooped in to add some life to the show. Decked out in glossy jumpsuits, Bruno Mars and his crew scuttled onto to stage, gyrating through the chorus of Uptown Funk in the street-dance style similar to the music video. Like his 2014 Super Bowl performance, Bruno did not disappoint. However, he did seem like the entrée before the main dish, as he was politely interrupted after the first chorus. When fireworks took to the sky, we knew Queen B had arrived.

Instantly the camera cut to an army of women storming onto the field, with the golden locks of the pop-Queen leading the charge. Beyoncé used #SB50 to showcase the edgiest lines of her newest track Formation. As usual, Queen B slayed her predecessors by nailing both the choreography and vocals of the track. However, her stellar performance was not the audience’s focus. Upon close inspection, the gang of women were wearing a leather-based outfit and black berets, which looked like a reworked uniform of the revolutionary members of the Black Panther Party. Formation’s lyrics are underscored with themes of race, identity, and black pride, which mirror the sentiments of the former socialist organisation. This was a bold commentary, and demonstrated the power of fashion. The Black Panther’s uniform was as much a part of their identity as their political endeavours, which Beyoncé attempted to highlight.

Beyonce Black Panther Halftime Show

The Formation performance brought the stadium to life, but was short-lived as we were reminded that Bruno and Martin were still onstage. Bruno and Beyoncé engaged in a mash-up and dance off of Uptown Funk, interspersed with Crazy In Love. But, before we could process the sleek moves of these two smooth criminals, Martin launched back into the frame for one final verse of Uptown Funk.

In the end, it was time to pay homage to the past. Coldplay took us for a walk down memory lane with a video tribute to past Super Bowl performances from legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and Paul McCartney. With the backing track of Fix You, Martin weaved in lyrics from Prince’s Purple Rain and U2’s Beautiful Day for the final verse, and was joined by Bruno and Beyoncé for the closing huddle.

Beyoncé also seized this public affair as an opportunity to announce her ‘Formation World Tour.’ Tour dates for Australia are yet to be announced.

Btw, Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10.